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About Us

Since 1972, we have been servicing companies all over the world with professional design engineering, manufacturing, and field installing work.We handle turnkey engineering projects including new equipment, old equipment, modifications, repairing of your machinery, plant layouts, material handling, and offer you the engineering and CAD/CAM manufacturing services that we provide. We’re very proud with how diverse we are to make sure we meet our customers need. Our company is an engineering firm offering a complete service including field dimensioning, mechanical engineering, 3-D modeling (Mechanical Desktop5), computer-aided drafting (AutoCad 2010i), CAM, fabrication, machining, sand blasting, painting, mechanical assembly, electrical design and wiring, and installation. We have the ability to do complete product design and development including process design, plant layout, material handling, system integration, general contracting, and turnkey systems and we work with ALL alloys!

Food Industry

Some of the products which we provide for food industry companies are: stainless steel augers, conveyors, mixers, blenders, cookers, CIP systems, tanks, material handling and packaging and lifting devices. All of our equipment passes WDA and USDA standards. We have engineered and fabricated many new sanitary conveyor systems this past year. Please ask about these new designs. We use specially-dedicated equipment that we use on stainless steel products only, as well as being a full distributor for sanitary fittings. Because we are a full service company we can offer full quality control for the design manufacturing and installation.

Mining, Printing & Other Services

Other industries that we provide for include CNC burning machines, computer integrated welding machines, 60’ long lathe bed assemblies, heat treat furnaces capable of 2900° F, sub-zero freezers operating at -90° F, web handling equipment, rotary kilns directly and indirectly fired, coolant separators, material handling and lifting devices. We also provide 1/4” plate ductwork, expansion joints, fume collecting systems, heat exchanger, thermal incinerators, and automated storage and retrieval systems for the post office. We have fabricated weldments from 1# through 60,000#.